American Roulette

Online American Roulette Canada: Tips and Tricks

The devilish game, the game of fortune, the queen of the casino - American roulette has been called differently since its inception in the distant 18th century. Today this game is presented on most online gambling sites, and it has a lot of fans among the players. And all because in online American roulette, the winning is a matter of chance, and the croupier wins only 3% maximum.

American roulette online is a specially designed program that simulates a casino table only on the screen of a computer or smartphone. The role of the croupier is played by a robot that launches the balls onto the table in the opposite direction from the movement of the table, that is, clockwise. The player's only task is to name the number and colour of the cell where the ball will land. If you want to practice American roulette, we are ready to prepare you to win. Today you will learn what the main advantages of American roulette are, what its difference is from French roulette, how to win, and where to play. Therefore, read on; all the most interesting things are waiting for you ahead.

Online American Roulette Canada: Tips and Tricks
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Online American Roulette Canada: Tips and Tricks
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Playing Online American Roulette Real Money Like a Pro

If you want to succeed in the American roulette game, you should be playing it constantly. At first, it would be ideal if you choose a gambling site which offers free play. This will help you to understand how the system works and which American roulette strategy you can apply. Among the basic advice, it is necessary to define the following ones:

  • Never bet too much.
  • Define the personal limits, meaning the amount you can afford to lose during the gameplay.
  • Always read terms and conditions.
  • Choose the software developed by trusted manufacturers.
  • Always check the table of odds and fastest payouts.
  • Do not make the same bet twice.

American Roulette vs European Roulette

american roulette online casino

Today it is possible to come across several variations of online roulette games. And here, we will consider the main differences between European roulette and its American opponent.

European roulette is a simple game version with the easiest process of making bets and faster gameplay. It is characterized by such features as the possibility to make bets equal to chances, large payouts, absence of minimum values. This game is perfect for newbies eager to understand roulette rules and develop personal gaming strategies. The main difference between American roulette and European roulette lies in presence of two zeros – single and double. Also, American wheel roulette has a difference in general numbers placement. It is the best choice for gamblers who treat classics.

Main Rules of American Roulette Online

American roulette is a math-based game. It means that the payouts are not equal the winning chances at all. That is, on the American roulette wheel, there are 38 numbers, so the chance to get one number is equal to 1 out of 38. If the player wins, they can get only 37 chips as 1 chip is a special fee for the online casino. Usually, it doesn’t matter how many chips and different combinations a player makes; in theory, they will lose every 38 chips. In practice, roulette is unpredictable, and it is possible to find the information that players were incredibly lucky to win big amounts playing online American roulette. At the same time, history knows quite the opposite cases.

How to Understand American Roulette Odds and Payouts

American roulette payouts and odds are stated on special tables on the casino sites. Before you make a bet in the game, try to check the information listed in the table in order to identify your winning changes. After each game cycle, the situation in the table may get changed. The presence of extra 00 means that the house can be higher. At the same time, this means that the odds for players are lower.

American Roulette Online Casino Variants

When you play American roulette online, it is necessary to consider the different variants of bets you can make in various online casinos. Still, the process of the game is just the same. At first, you need to choose and guess the number and colour of the pocket where the ball stops. For making bets, just click on the special sections on the screen. It is always possible to put more than 1 chip with a bet. The best amount depends on the payout – if it is high, the maximum bet is lower. When the table rotates, you should wait till it stops and your bet wins.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best American Roulette Online Casino

In order to get a fantastic experience out of the game, it is very important to make the right choice of the site where to play online roulette for money. For this, it is necessary to keep in mind the following features.

High Level of Security

All the personal information of clients should be well encrypted and secure with the help of the latest SSL certificates. If you do not see this information on the site, try to contact customer support for more details.

Professional Customer Support

All gamblers might have questions concerning the gameplay. That’s why top rated sites should offer the services of a qualified customer support team. It should always be available at any time of the day and knowledgeable enough to resolve all possible issues.


How is it possible even to imagine a virtual casino without bonuses? If you want to gain more benefits, try to find the site with maximum bonus offers. Today online casinos compete with each other, so their bonuses are more than exciting.

Game Choice

If you are not sure that you will be playing only American roulette online casino, try to find the sites with other variants of the game. The best online casinos have all possible game variations for their clients.

Mobile App

As many gamblers prefer playing casino games on their smartphones, a reliable site should offer either a mobile application or should have a browser version to play American roulette.

Payment Methods

The presence of different deposit and withdrawal methods always makes sense. Usually, the casinos offer Visa and MasterCard, e-wallets, wire transfers, PayPal, and other payment methods.

Playing American Roulette for Real Money on Mobile Devices

Today, the majority of online casinos offer their players to play American online roulette on their mobile devices. Some of them have developed native mobile applications for iOS and Android, while others have adapted their browser versions for smartphones or tablets. Of course, today, we can’t imagine our lives without smartphones, but what are the benefits and disadvantages of playing American online roulette for real money on mobiles:

Pros Cons
Possibility to play on the go. Small screen.
User-friendly interface. Poor quality of graphics.
Easy to create an account. Necessity to download extra software in the case with native apps.
The same bonus system as on the website.
Ability to save a lot of time.

Top Online American Roulette Tips & Strategies

american roulette table

Since the invention of the American roulette, a lot of players were trying to develop certain systems and strategies that might help to win this game. Most of them are mainly based on the desire to find some dependence of the drop of the ball on which number or group of numbers it stopped before. For example, it is difficult for our mind to imagine that if the number 5 (or any other) wins 7 times in a row, then it can appear again. By the way, it is stated in the world book of records that the ball was falling out on the same number 7 times in a row. So, the probability that the number 5 will appear on the American roulette table for the 10th time exists. Mathematically, this is not the case – the probability remains the same – the loss of each subsequent number does not depend on the previous one. Therefore, all systems based on mathematics are recommended to be taken solely and just for fun rather than as a real way to make money. American roulette number sequence is unique, and it is impossible to predict which number wins next with the highest probability.

Our Recommendation

Now you know all the important things about online American roulette real money and can easily choose the best site to play this game without additional risks. Still, we recommend you to pay special attention to the websites we’ve shortlisted as they passed a detailed and thorough review and deserve your attention most of all. In terms of the American roulette strategies, it is also possible to choose the one among those we described. So, if you choose the right site and apply the best strategy, you have all the chances to win a lot of money. So, do not lose this great opportunity.