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Can you ID what you win? With Cleopatra Slots, you can!

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Who would mind taking a look into the life of Cleopatra? Following this idea, the makers at IGT have developed Cleopatra Slots that you can play with real money almost anywhere on the web. The game starts like any other slot automaton, but during the process, you can test this game to learn why it is the latest craze among players. To say the least, it’s worth playing. This game is very similar to the other games, such as Boto Bingo and Columbus Deluxe, sure there are free slots Cleopatra.

Cleopatra Slots game is the most recent automaton from the house of Novomatic, which among other things shines through the Egyptian theme reminiscent of the classic Book of Ra. Cleopatra Slot machine is being played in ancient Egypt and offers players a high payout expectation of almost 96.12 %. This is significantly higher than most other slots would offer you.

Graphics and sound at Cleopatra online slots

Like many other Slots of the manufacturer Novomatic / Novoline, Queen Cleopatra online Slots can convince with a beautiful, colorful and detailed graphics. However, the background is rather simple, so that only two columns can be seen with so-called hieroglyphs, which surround the slot.

The symbols at Cleopatra Slot

The icons of the Cleopatra game have very much in common with ancient Egypt. There are also various map symbols. If at least three matches of the latter appear side by side on a line, the player has won. By contrast, only two identifiers of the first-mentioned pictorial symbols are needed. The slot machine has five reels on which the pictures appear from left to right and on which winnings must be earned on one of the 10 pay lines. By the way, Cleopatra VII Philopator, better known as Cleopatra, was the last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt. You do not need to know that for playing at Cleopatra casino.

The so-called Queen of the Kings is mainly concerned about her relationship with Anthony and bathing her preference in milk daily. Now that we are briefed on that, let’s take a look at Queen Cleopatra and see what Novomatic has to offer. The minimum bet, which can be set as a player, is one cent, a maximum of you can set up to € 10 per line. The normal usage bandwidth is between € 0.10 and 5. As a player, you have the chance of winning up to 10,000 credits, which is also the highest win you can win in the game for an activated pay line.

Cleopatra Slots for free

Sure you can play Cleopatra Slots for free. Free rounds give you a chance to test first before depositing funds. To find free games on the website of a casino, you should simply search for the area with the test mode or a similar area on the page. There you will experience the excitement that you will also feel in real operations, while you can use the slots for free and even collect bonus rounds or free spins.

The Gamble features

The one who has won a round at the Queen Cleopatra automaton can transfer the respective amount to his player account. In this case, the money would be safe and the round will end. But there is also the possibility to set the profit again and ideally to increase. In this case, the player must guess the color of a still hidden card at card risk. If he guesses correctly, his profit doubles. Afterward, he can pay for this or put him again. If he types the color wrong, the profit is lost.


Queen Cleopatra spins something of this turn of the century, but let's be honest: we're not gambling to learn more about Alexandria and living in 69BC, we'd like to crack the jackpot and move on to the next task.

With Cleopatra, the American gaming manufacturer IGT invites you most heartedly to immerse yourself in the Egyptian theme world and return with appealing sums of money. Ancient Egypt is not least particularly popular because of the Slots like Book of Ra that attracts with a completely original gameplay and great features in its spell. The Cleopatra automaton not only offers a variety of winning symbols that can be used in the classic way profits. Rather, the number of bonus and special symbols is large. To help you with this, you need to know the following: The game combines traditional card game symbols with Egyptian symbols to add some exoticism to the game.

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